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LEED AP BD+C Practice Tests

LEED v4 Exam Prep - LEED AP BD+C Practice Tests with Exam Simulator

Price: $59.95
  • 500 LEED AP BD+C Practice Test Questions
  • Instant Access
  • Unlimited use for 120 days (starting from your first use)

Price for all four: $175.00

List Price: $249.95

Save: $74.95 (30%)

Price for both: $74.95

List Price: $99.95

Save: $25.00 (25%)

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Study Guide

Product Features

Instant Access

Practice Tests

500 practice test questions available online with our exam simulator - unlimited use for 120 days (starting from your first use). Our practice tests are just like the actual LEED exams and cover all of the LEED exam objectives.

Instant Access

Exam Simulator

Our practice tests give you the same look and feel as the live exam, with the same types of questions. You'll know what to expect on exam day.

Instant Access

Instant Access

Place your order and start using the practice tests from your browser - instantly. NO waiting and NO software to install. Our LEED practice tests are delivered via the Internet.

Instant Access

Expertly Written

Our practice tests are not only written by people who have taken and passed the LEED exams, they are written by expert psychometricians that have written high-stakes exams delivered at Prometric testing centers (just like the LEED exams). Don't settle for less.

Be Prepared to Pass

  • GBES practice tests are known as the most comprehensive and realistic available.
  • Unlimited use for 120 days - starting from your first use.
  • Explanations of why the right answer is right and why the other choices are wrong.
  • Identify what you already know and what you need to work on.
  • Documentation references show you exactly where to look to study topics in detail.
  • Review your entire test history so you can monitor your improvement along the way.
  • Your completed practice test scores and answers are stored for later review.

Save Time Studying

  • Resume feature allows you to leave and start later where you left off.
  • Review questions by those answered correctly, incorrectly, or both.
  • Save time by focusing on areas that need improvement.

Study How You Want To

  • Optionally show answers and explanations after each question.
  • Optionally study by exam category (Water Efficiency, Energy, etc.)
  • Choose from different pools of questions, 100 questions each.

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