So you’ve decided that you want to become a WELL AP? Great! Health and wellness is trending across every industry including commercial real estate, and this is a fun new building standard to learn about. This credential is sure to help your career, and what you learn can even help you be healthier in your day-to-day life. This page contains step-by-step instructions on how (and what) to study to pass your WELL AP exam on the first try! Essentially, to become a WELL AP you must study for and pass a 100-question multiple-choice exam which you take through Prometric computer lab testing centers. It is a closed-book exam, and you have 2 hours to complete all 100 questions.

It is a difficult exam, but we’ve even got everything you need to make passing the WELL AP exam as easy as possible. Here is a link to download the WELL Building Standard for free (the WELL Building Standard is where a lot of the questions on your exam come from), and we’ve got other free and paid resources for you as well.

Who can become a WELL AP? The only prerequisite to becoming a WELL AP is that you must be at least 18 years of age. Unlike the LEED AP (with specialty) exams, there is no prerequisite credential you have to earn to take the WELL AP exam.

What do I need to study for the WELL AP exam? This entire page is written to answer this question, but to be clear, the WELL AP exam tests over WELL v1 until at least the Summer of 2021 (but probably later). Do not study WELL v2 (WELL version 2)! Projects can utilize WELL v2 now, but the exam only asks questions about WELL v1. More specifically, you are tested over the WELL Building Standard v1 with Q1 2018 addenda.

Click here to download the free current WELL Building Standard to study for your exam.

Also, the WELL Building Standard is available to be studied on the go through the IWBI’s phone app. Just search “Build WELL” on the app store and look for the app with the IWBI’s logo.

If you want to learn more about WELL v2, read our blog titled What’s New With WELL v2.



You might think that you need to study before signing up for your exam, but we recommend signing up first as extra motivation for you to study in a timely manner. You can reschedule or cancel your exam 30 days prior to your exam (or more) without a fee, but we don’t recommend that. We recommend picking a date about 2-4 months out so that you have a deadline to push you to study and follow through and pass your exam.

How do you sign up for the WELL AP exam? Signing up for the exam is easy. First, go to and create a free account with the IWBI (International WELL Building Institute). Be sure to note your company when creating a profile because if your company is a USGBC member (or if you are a LEED Green Associate or LEED AP) you receive a $215 discount! If you are a student, you receive a $410 discount! If you want to become a LEED Green Associate, read this blog about How to Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam or get our GBES UNLIMITED study bundle which has all of our LEED Green Associate study tools and all of our WELL AP Study tools for the price of one (and all study tools and continuing education you need for both of these credentials and 6 more… again, all for one low price)!

Once you have an IWBI account created, click “Become a WELL AP” at the top of the page, then, scroll down and select what country you are in, and finally click “Register Now” button.  You will pay and register for your exam, then, you will receive a code that you enter into and pick your day and time through their website. Prometric has testing centers in almost all major cities; so, you should be able to find one nearby. If there is not a Prometric near you, contact IWBI for alternative testing methods. Be sure to choose a time when your brain works best. If you’re not sure when that is, usually it is in the morning (not after a long day of work or on the weekends).

How much is the WELL AP exam? Prices vary based on what country you are in. If you are in the United States of America the exam is $660 unless you are an Affiliate or Student. Affiliates (USGBC or ASID members, LEED APs, and LEED Green Associates) test for $465, and Students test for only $250.


We’ve mentioned it above, but an important study tool should be the WELL Building Standard. Again, here’s a link to download it: Instant and Free WELL Building Standard Download

Compliment this with our best tools found in our WELL AP Platinum Pack, and you’re sure to ace the exam!

Once you’ve read through this at least once, take a full practice test pool (100 questions) of our WELL AP Practice Exams (yes, those are included in our WELL AP Platinum Pack, of course) so you can see how much (or how little) more you need to study. Alternatively, you may want to try a full practice test “cold” before studying so you know what to try and memorize as you read through the WELL Building Standard. Our practice tests give you feedback on what WELL Features and Concepts you know well and which ones you need to study more. Also, they’ll help you know what to expect on your exam. All of our 400 Practice Test Questions are included with our Unlimited Exam Prep Membership plus videos and flash cards to ensure you pass on your first try and don’t have to retake the $450-$650 exam!


We’ve got a lot of free resources to help you pass on the first try. Click here for our free WELL AP Resources.

Okay now that you’ve got your study tools, you’ll learn from our Practice Tests that you need to pay special attention and familiarize yourself with the human body systems, the Background Sections of each WELL Concept, any and all Health Statistics, and the numbers and thresholds of all of the WELL Features. Yes, it is a difficult exam; so, we recommend reading the Background Sections of each WELL Concept at least 2 or 3 times. That way, you can memorize as many health statistics as possible. You’re likely to see a lot of health statistic questions and get a lot of questions about the WELL features themselves as well as how to earn them. For a complete breakdown of what questions you’ll see and where they come from, get our free candidate handbook and read pages 10-16. If you don’t want to do that, just take our practice test questions because we have written our mock questions using the candidate handbook as a guide to help make our questions as close to the real exam as possible.

Before you go in for your exam, take as many practice test questions as possible! They are tremendously helpful! If you don’t believe us, start by getting our free 30-question WELL AP Practice Test pdf.




• Know where the preconditions for each concept cutoff (Air = 12, Water = 34, Nourishment = 45, Light = 56, Fitness = 65, Comfort = 76, and Mind = 88). Memorize these numbers so when you see one of a handful of questions along the lines of: “Feature 14 of the WELL Building Standard… is this a precondition or optimization?” you will know that 14 is past the precondition cutoff of air (12) and therefore can easily recall it is an optimization. This tip will likely help you get at least 4 or more questions right!

• Use the WELL Building Standard (searchable PDF) as a key study tool and pay attention to all medical studies, and memorize the ones that have numbers and percentages associated with them (ie. stand-up desks burn 50 calories/hour). The exam asks a lot of memory recall questions about the health studies you read about so pay close attention to all health studies you come across.

• When studying the different preconditions and optimizations, pay more attention to the types of metals, pollutants, etc., and not so much to the numbers of metals, pollutants, contaminates, and so forth. For example: it’s better to know that you test water for Lead, Arsenic, Antimony, Mercury, Nickel, and Copper than it is to know you can only have .01 mg/L of Lead, .01mg/L of Arsenic, etc.

• Be familiar with filters and what they remove, for both Air and Water.

• Pay attention to the parts of the eye and the color spectrum they receive.

• Don’t think you can cram the night before for this exam. Schedule your exam date ahead of time, get through the material, use GBES practice tests to reinforce (and gauge your competency, it’s tough), and you’ll do well.

• Remember, you can mark questions to come back to later. Only change your initial gut feel answer if you have a good reason to do so. 

• 15 questions are not scored because they are BETA questions for future exams. Therefore, our tip is not to get discouraged if you come across a really hard question or two that you don’t know. Mark it, skip it, and then review and spend time on it after you complete all the other questions. There is a good chance that really hard question or two will not even count against you; so, save your time on the first pass and spend it on it the second time through. 

• Do a “brain dump” before you start your 2-hour exam. When you get settled into Prometric computer lab you have 10 minutes to familiarize yourself with the testing controls before you begin your 2-hour exam. You also get scrap paper and a pen. Take a minute or two to familiarize yourself with the testing controls, and then use the remaining 10 minutes to do a brain dump of numbers, ASHRAE standards, acronyms, credit thresholds, or whatever you are worried about getting confused on during your exam. Doing a brain dump helps give you confidence going into your exam and more importantly it helps you not second guess yourself on the items you were able to write down prior to starting.

• During your exam, take advantage of the ability to highlight valuable information in questions (in combination with flagging the question) to easily reference back to this information and help you get other questions right.  Also, use the strike-through functionality (right click) to visually eliminate incorrect answers.



Our practice tests are among our most helpful study tool and our customers rave about how helpful they are. Some have even passed just by using a lot of our practice test questions, but we highly recommend our WELL AP Platinum Pack which contains all 400 of our WELL AP practice test questions and all of our other great WELL AP study tools.

Not sure what you want to help make earning this credential easier? Browse more of our study tool options by clicking here.



We recorded one of our WELL AP study sessions, and you can watch it for additional WELL AP exam tips. Click here to watch it ->