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Active Furnishings

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Active Furnishing Preview


Have you thought about using a treadmill or standing desk? This course shows you how it can be easily and safely integrated into your daily work routine. It includes science-based statistics about why adding more physical activity to our workday is important. Furthermore, it explains ideal walking speeds and posture to use while working and walking on a treadmill. After viewing this hour long video, you will be empowered to promote active furnishings in your own workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the health benefits of the WELL Building Standard v1 Fitness Concept; specifically by reducing sedentary behavior with active furnishings.
  • Evaluate the two part strategies that meet the WELL Building Standard v1 requirements for Feature 71, Active Furnishings.
  • Demystify the barriers to using Active Furnishings like treadmill desks to meet Feature 71 in the WELL Building Standard v1.
  • Understand the elements of a strong standing posture to employ while using a standing desk to meet Feature 71, Active Furnishings in the WELL Building Standard v1.

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