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High Performing Building Envelopes for Sustainable Design and Energy Savings

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The building envelope contributes to a substantial percentage of a building costs. Sometimes in multi-story buildings, the share can exceed 20% of the total building construction cost. The envelope is also a prime determinant of overall performance of the building as it affects its exterior aesthetic quality, thermal environment and lighting. In order to achieve a cost-effective design for a building it is imperative that a balance is achieved between the cost of the building envelope and its levels of performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the latest materials, technologies, architectural components, and related systems that comprise the building envelope
  • Identify performance characteristics and qualities that are important considerations during building envelope design, specification, and construction
  • Explain how the integrated process affects the design, specification, and selection of building envelope products and systems
  • Analyze the sustainability benefits and attributes of various building envelope products, systems, and performance criteria