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Daylighting: Achieving Energy Efficiency with Sunlight and Lighting

2.0 Hours CE Auto Reporting No Expiration


At the very heart of daylighting concepts is the goal of dramatically reducing or eliminating altogether the use of electric lighting. Daylighting is a controlled admission of natural light into indoor environments using lighting controls, carefully positioned glazings, skylights, overhangs, and strategic use of materials. The creation of a sound, effective daylight design is complex, requiring the balance of many intricate details, as you will learn in this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the energy-saving and cost-reducing benefits of implementing daylighting
  • Describe criteria needed for successful daylight design
  • Identify strategies that ensure optimal daylighting design, including window designs, interior and exterior features, and site considerations
  • Analyze the synergies between daylighting designs and various LEED credits