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Passive Hybrid Downdraught Cooling

1.5 Hours CE Auto Reporting No Expiration


Passive Hybrid Downdraught Cooling (PHDC) is an energy efficient and ecological cooling system that is a real alternative to conventional air conditioning. This course is for people seeking a basic knowledge of PHDC. The course will review the physics behind downdraught cooling and explore its limitations as a solitary cooling system. We’ll look at various systems and strategies that can be used in conjunction with passive downdraught cooling to create a dependably comfortable indoor environment. Case studies cover how climate, site and local considerations impact design choices. Finally, we’ll discuss the LEED credits that this type of hybrid system can contribute.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the differences between passive downdraught cooling, active downdraught cooling and hybrid downdraught cooling
  • Name three technologies that can form effective hybrid systems with passive downdraught cooling
  • Discuss how passive cooling might affect a building's form
  • Name and briefly explain the LEED credits associated with passive hybrid downdraught cooling

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