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The Pros and Cons of Building Reuse

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USGBC and AIA (HSW) approved continuing education course

Does renovating buildings really result in a lower raw materials consumption, solid waste, and energy consumption? One of the main questions at issue is whether new construction or building reuse is greener, which demands the examination of the environmental impact of the two types of building creation. This course looks at three important metrics: resource consumption, waste generation, and energy use as it pertains to the actual process of building new structures compared to reusing existing buildings.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare solid waste production of the new construction, building reuse, and demolition processes
  • Analyze differences between raw resource consumption in new construction and building reuse projects
  • Identify the benefits, key principles, and challenges of restoring historic buildings
  • Measure the financial costs of building retrofits as well as potential energy and materials savings
  • Specify the opportunities to earn LEED credits through building reuse