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NET ZERO the New Frontier

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The impact of the built environment on natural resources and contributing to GHG emissions is driving the movement for Net Zero strategies in water, energy, waste and carbon. This article takes a deep dive into each of these 4 strategies. Corporate participation and governmental initiatives around the world are becoming a major force in recognizing the value in net zero and encouraging more net zero project design and operations. Certifying bodies including GBCI and USGBC are providing tools and guidance to help projects achieve net zero.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact of the built environment on natural resource strain/depletion, landfill space (BD+C Materials and Resources), and greenhouse gas emissions (demonstrated across all LEED rating Systems); and how those impacts are driving the Net Zero movement
  • Unpack the variety of design strategies associated with achieving Net Zero Water, Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Emissions (Carbon) and Net Zero Waste, tying in LEED benefits for each rating system
  • Recognize there are prerequisites and credits in LEED v4.1 BD+C (as well as ID+C, ND, and Homes) that can contribute to achieving net zero status on a project
  • Become familiar with project certifications offered by USGBC, ILFI, and GBCI that compliment/support net zero initiatives
  • Understand the impact of global governmental intervention and corporate participation to bring net zero closer to the mainstream.