LEED AP Credentials

Want to really stand out among the competition? Add these 6 letters after your name, "L-E-E-D-A-P." First you have to decide the specialty you want as your expertise. Designers will like BD+C, the D is for design. City Planners will like ND, the N is for neighborhood. Asset Managers will like O+M, the O is for owner. Can't decide, collect them all!

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No one is too old or too inexperienced to become a LEED AP. But you could be too late when your competition wins the job over you because of their extra professional credentials. You are probably wondering, ‘When am I going to find the time to study?”

LEED AP Shortcut

Rather than wasting time worrying about how to pass an exam; get smart and get help. ¬†As long as you stick with GBES, you’ll be fully supported. To put it another way, we make exam prep easy. Our tools are tried and true.

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