LEED AP ND Exam Prep

More and more home buyers are seeking green communities, and developers are responding by building LEED certified nerighborhoods. That means more people like you –– already a LEED expert –– need to step up to the challenge by earning the higher level LEED AP ND credential. Here are the tools that will get you there.

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Earning the LEED AP ND Credential

Why green neighborhoods? Home owners want value in their community as well as their home. That means neighborhood designs that accommodate walkability, easy access to transportation options, energy and resource efficiency throughout. In short, a friendly and healthy environment.

For years developers have been alert to these consumer demands for LEED certified homes, a trend that is now extending to entire communities. Designers, architects and contractors are scaling up to deliver LEED ND certified neighborhoods.

We can help you become a leader in that pioneering effort as the neighborhood development industry turns to experts like you to guide the LEED certification process.

If you are already a LEED Green Associate, consider specializing in LEED for Neighborhood Development. As a LEED AP ND you will stand out in your market as the expert and team leader in the LEED ND certification process.

LEED AP ND Exam Prep

Our LEED AP ND study tools are the convenient, affordable and effective solution to help you pass the LEED AP ND exam the first time.

The Original LEED Practice Tests were first developed in 2007, and have helped more than 110,000 individual professionals pass their LEED exams. These online study tools, written by experts, have been updated to the LEED v4 material that you will be tested on. As a USGBC Education Partner, GBES is a verified leader in LEED exam prep solutions.

To prep for the LEED for Neighborhood Development exam, we’ve drafted 400 sample exam questions to let you practice taking the exam repeatedly until you feel comfortable with the material you’ll encounter on exam day. This instrument absolutely delivers the most content for your money.

Also available are the LEED AP ND flash cards that help you memorize key concepts and vocabulary.

Both the practice test and flash cards can be bundled into an economical Silver Pack.


The LEED AP ND exam will test you on the best practices for the neighborhood design and development. There are 100 multiple-choice questions on this exam, which you’ll take at a Prometric Testing Center. While the Green Associate exam tests general green-building knowledge, this AP exam is much more specific and focuses on the thresholds required to earn LEED ND certification for your community project. It is a closed-book professional credential exam.

Free LEED AP ND Resources

There are three types of questions that you will encounter in the LEED AP ND exam. They are:

  • Recall – these questions require memorization of key LEED v4 terms, especially terms relating to the operation and maintenance of green buildings
  • Application – these questions ask the candidate to solve a problem in a scenario-based format
  • Analysis – these questions offer the candidates a complex scenario with multiple components, and assess the candidate’s ability to understand the relationships between the components and the synergies between different solutions

LEED AP ND Knowledge Domains

As with all LEED credential exams, content is drawn from knowledge domains, which reflect the rating systems’ credit categories and what you need to know. Here’s the breakdown for the LEED AP ND exam:

  • LEED Process (13 questions)
  • Smart Locations and Linkages (21 questions)
  • Neighborhood Pattern and Design (23 questions)
  • Green Infrastructure and Buildings (21 questions)
  • Project Surroundings and Public Outreach (7 questions)

(There are 15 beta questions in each exam that are not scored, bringing the question total to 100.)

Is LEED AP ND Right for you?

If you still have questions about which LEED AP credential to pursue, check out our GBES blog on the most common types of professionals who earn the LEED AP ND. Does this path make sense for your green building career?


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