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Welcome to the next chapter of the green building movement - health + wellness in our buildings. Once you pass this WELL Accredited Professional exam, you’ll be in an elite group — less than 1,000 people in the world today have the WELL AP credential.

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The WELL AP Exam Format

There are 100 multiple-choice questions on this exam, which you’ll take at the Prometric Testing Center. Compared to a LEED exam with a focus on building terminology, WELL AP requires you also to learn health statistics. It is a closed-book professional credential exam.

Similar to LEED exams, content is drawn from knowledge domains, which reflect the rating systems’ credit categories and what you need to know. Here’s the breakdown for the WELL AP:

  • Air (13 questions)
  • Water (8 questions)
  • Nourishment (8 questions)
  • Light (11 questions)
  • Fitness (8 questions)
  • Comfort (10 questions)
  • Mind (9 questions)
  • WELL Certification (10 questions)
  • Synergies (8 questions)

(There are 15 beta questions in each exam that are not scored, bringing the question total to 100.)

The WELL AP exam assesses your ability on three levels: Recall, Application, and Analysis.

  • Recall: These items assess your ability to recall factual material that is presented in a similar context to the exam references.
  • Application: These items present a novel problem or scenario for you to solve using familiar principles or procedures described in the exam references.
  • Analysis: These items assess your ability to break down the problem into its components to create a solution. You must recognize different elements of the problem and evaluate the relationship or interactions of these elements.

Sample WELL AP Exam Questions

[from the WELL AP Candidate Handbook – IWBI resource]:

1. Which of the following is a Precondition that applies to all Core & Shell, New & Existing Interiors and New & Existing Building projects?

  • (A) Feature 01, Air Quality Standards
  • (B) Feature 09, Cleaning Protocol
  • (C) Feature 12, Moisture Management
  • (D) Feature 14, Air Infiltration Management

Knowledge domain: WELL Certification, Planning & Preparation, structure of WELL building standard (e.g. – Concepts, Preconditions, Features, level of WELL Certification, scoring).

2. A project has implemented permanent entryway walk-off systems and entryway air seals in a project. How will these requirements be evaluated for compliance with Feature 08, Healthy Entrance?

  • (A) The designer must submit annotated architectural drawings.
  • (B) The architect must submit a letter of assurance.
  • (C) The WELL assessor will perform a visual inspection.
  • (D) The WELL AP will perform a spot check.

Knowledge domain: Synergies, Application & Education, the roles and responsibilities of the project team for individual WELL Building Standard Features.

Is the WELL AP Right For You?

Check out our recent blog post about the WELL AP credential, and decide if this is the next step for your green building career.

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