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Our LEED AP BD+C Practice Tests provide students with a preview of the LEED examination experience, help you gauge when you are ready to pass, and boost your test scores. It is a functional replica of the LEED AP tests, and provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with green design principals, construction, and sustainable operations in an interactive software.

The test software allows candidates to answer test questions that represent all of the question types found on the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP examination: recall, application, and analysis questions.

Our original LEED mock exams consists of multiple-choice questions that test the knowledge and skills required to become a LEED AP BD+C and LEED Green Associate. Each practice exam allows students to focus on specific credit categories and provide real-time feedback on correct and incorrect answers. Students are able to review completed practice tests and pause and begin saved practice tests.

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The Original LEED Practice Tests

Our Online Exam Simulator comes with 500 Practice Test Questions

Real Time Feedback as You Learn

Get explanations on why your choice was right or wrong after each question helping you study

Why are the BD+C Practice Tests such a great value?

  • The LEED AP BD+C Practice Tests have been trusted by over 5,000 professionals now updated for LEED version 4 (v4).
  • You’ll receive access to 500 questions in our online learning platform written and evaluated by LEED professionals.
  • Each practice test pool is delivered in a dynamic learning software with an accompanying explanation to incorrect and correct answers.
  • Receive instant test scoring feedback and the option to study by LEED credit categories.
  • Our LEED BD+C mock exams are assessed by a psychometrician to ensure our practice questions evaluate the knowledge needed in order to pass your exam the first time.
  • The LEED BD+C Practice tests will ensure you have a thorough understanding of green building, the BD+C rating system and certification process.

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