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LEED Green Associate Practice Test & Exam Prep Overview

The Original LEED Practice Tests

Our Exam Simulator comes with 600 Practice Test questions

Our online practice tests give everyone a user friendly simulation of the LEED Green Associate exam experience. It provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with green design principals. In addition, students receive feedback of their comprehension of sustainability principles with live scoring and explanations. Our LEED Green Associate practice tests are a functional replica of the GBCI’s credential exam for the LEED Green Associate professional accreditation.

LEED Green Associate Practice Test Description

Our original LEED Green Associate practice exams consist of multiple-choice questions. Each question tests the knowledge and skills required to become a LEED Green Associate, and later a LEED AP. Each practice exam has options that allow students to focus on specific credit categories while provideing real-time feedback on correct and incorrect answers. Our LEED GA Exam Prep Students are able to review completed practice tests and pause and begin saved practice tests.

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Benefits

  • The original LEED Green Associate practice tests trusted by thousands now updated for LEED version 4.
  • You’ll receive access to 600 questions in our online learning platform written and evaluated by LEED professionals.
  • Receive instant test scoring feedback and the option to study by LEED credit categories.
  • Our LEED Green Associate practice exams are assessed by a psychometrician to ensure our practice questions evaluate the knowledge needed in order to pass your exam the first time.
  • The LEED Green Associate Practice tests will ensure you have a thorough understanding of green buildings and LEED.

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How it Works

This LEED GA Exam Prep course includes products that can be accessed for 120 days in our online learning portal.

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This is what you can expect on exam day

Pro Tip: Test EARLY in the Day

First of all, be sure to schedule and take your official LEED exam during the morning (early to mid-morning preferred). Please don’t think you can take the exam at the end of the day, after a long day at work. Even if you have read the entire reference guide and know the material, your brain will be fried and you’ll be less effective. Take the exam in the morning, Monday through Saturday. Then, celebrate your win the rest of the day!

Arriving at the Testing Facility

Security at the Prometric testing center is very strict. Be sure to have registered with your full name as shown on your driver’s license or passport. Since this is a closed book exam, you’ll have to put your belongings and any notes you brought into the testing center into an assigned locker. You control the key to the lock.

After checking in at the front desk, depending on how busy it is (these testing centers do give out other exams and CE/licensing proctors), you’ll get called up for a seat assignment. You will have to sign your name, be waved with a security wand looking for recording devices, empty your pockets, and then be seated in the computer lab. There are optional ear cover headphones if you so choose.

Taking Your LEED GA Exam

When you sit down at the computer, GBCI loads 100 questions from a larger pool of questions onto the computer. You’ll have 2 hours to complete the 100 question exam. If needed, say to use the restroom, you can sign-out, take care of business, come back, sign in, and continue…but your clock is still running. For the LEED GA, you should have plenty of time (the tier 2 LEED AP+ exams take more time).

Stick with your gut. When in doubt, always pick the greenest answer and the one that makes LEED/the USGBC look good. Don’t assume outside of the context of the question. Read it twice for clarity and rephrase the question into your own words. If you are unsure, guess and mark it for review. At the end of the exam, you can return to questions you marked for further analysis.

You’ve got this!

All of this – is really worth it! There are only about 30,000 LEED Green Associate professionals in the world (that add into the overall bigger pool of LEED pro’s). This credential will surely make you more marketable and prove you understand green buildings and the latest with the LEED rating system.