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Drawing on years of experience with LEED and providing education materials to those within the green building industry, the GBES LEED Green Associate Study Guide and other exam prep materials allows candidates with a wide variety of backgrounds to pass their LEED GA exams. Furthermore, GBES materials are constantly updated to reflect both feedback from students and changes to the exam and LEED certifications. Therefore, students can confidently study with GBES knowing that the information is up-to-date and student-centered.


LEED GA Study Guide Description

Our LEED GA study guide provides a structured overview of the LEED Green Associate Exam and the certification process. The study guide is a resource to pre-test your skills and guide you to your ultimate goal of becoming a LEED Green Associate. The LEED Green Associate Study Guide and our other LEED GA exam prep materials helps you confirm if you are fully prepared for your LEED Exam, or to identify areas that you may need more study time prior to taking in identified topics.


  • Clear and easy-to-read language so that you can understand the materials even if English is not your native language.
  • Complete coverage and summarization of each LEED Candidate Handbook so that you do not need to purchase any other books.
  • Comprehensive and detailed examples so that you can fully understand the concepts, regardless of your work experience or experience in the green construction industry.
  • Definitions and background information so that prior familiarity with Green Building and sustainability are not required.
  • No unnecessary extra details so that you do not waste time studying information not needed for the exam.