Regenerative Buildings Master Class


Building regeneratively requires a deep understanding of the connection between nature, the earth, people and how a building will integrate within all three. Thinking regeneratively is not something we apply in the current built environment. Our existing infrastructure within most green building principles is limited to reducing our carbon footprint or creating a building with zero carbon output. To think regeneratively, you have to expand your current idea of design and construction. Building regeneratively creates a connected structure, a building that gives back to the earth, nature, and its community.

This highly interactive and thought-provoking course will provide you with the tools to view projects differently by shattering your current way of thinking. You will walk away with a deep understanding of how to build regenerative projects through practical design methodology and how to communicate these regenerative principles with your project team and shareholders.

This course has been pre-approved for 10.5 hours of LEED General CE and AIA LU|HSW credits that we will report on your behalf. Students can also self-report this course for 10.5 hours of general WELL AP CE.


Learning Objectives

Living Systems Thinking
The nature of our thinking is fundamental for regenerative development. Living Systems thinking creates the mindset required to transform the way humans inhabit the earth.

Understanding Place
Co-evolution among humans and natural systems can only be undertaken in specific places, using precisely fitted approaches.

Identify Potential
Potential comes from evolving the value-generating capacity of a system to make a unique contribution to the evolution of the larger system it is nested in.

Finding a Project´s Distinctive, Value-adding role
The continuing health of a living system depends on each member living out its distinctive role.

Call Forth a Collective Vocation
The sustainability of a living system is tied directly to its beneficial integration into a larger system.

Integrate Stakeholder Guilds
Projects as vehicles for catalyzing the cooperative enterprises required to enable evolution.

Systemic Integration Through The Use of Frameworks
Frameworks as a practical tool to work collaboratively in a systemic way.

Course Schedule

The course will run for seven consecutive Thursdays beginning April 7, 2022, and starts promptly at 1:30 pm EST*.

Each class is approximately 1.5 hours.

*If you cannot attend the class due to the course timezone, we will send you a video after each session. Once the course has been completed, we will offer a Q&A session in a time zone that works for you to discuss any topics you would like.

Meet Your Instructor

Emmanuel Pauwels
LEED Project Facilitator

Emmanuel Pauwels has been working as a LEED Consultant for the last 10 years on various projects in different European countries. He became Living Future Accredited in 2018. His vocation has evolved towards becoming a Regenerative Practitioner bringing his experience and knowledge of living systems thinking to the field of real estate development. He applies many skills and expertise, including personal capacity building towards living systems thinking and whole-person-based collaboration. He is deeply committed to working as a resource for people who want to learn about Regenerative Development and Living Systems.

Emmanuel Pauwels strongly believes in regenerative design and in the power of regenerative spaces and communities that sustain life.


“The course sessions on regenerative thinking and design are insightful and bring new perspectives.”
-Macarena Cervera, Project Engineer

“The course has helped me to think beyond sustainability, towards the principle of being regenerative. It felt like a switch turning on in my brain.”
-Nicole Dememezes, Consultant.

“From personal to professional learning, this course made me see much of my life experience from a new perspective.”
-Vanina Montenegro, Interior Designer

“Regenerative development, its methodology, the infinite applications of a revolutionary and novel way of thinking will help me change the view I have on the world, personal relationships, nature, and future projects.”
-Sabela Garcia, Architect

“I wanted to thank you for introducing me to a new paradigm and way of seeing many things in my life in a different way.”
– Audry Tendell, Urban Planner

***This course is not included in the GBES Unlimited Subscription