30 Free LEED AP ND Sample Questions

Interested in a LEED AP ND credential?

The first hurdle to become a LEED AP ND (Neighborhood Design) is passing the LEED Green Associate exam.

Then, all you have to do is to pass the 100-question 2-hour LEED AP ND exam.

Scary? It’s really not too bad. To see what it’s like, enter your email below for your free 30-question LEED AP ND Practice Test Sample:

Free LEED AP ND Practice Test Questions

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LEED Exam Tips

GBES.com is known for amazing (realistic) LEED practice tests. We have been, since our start in 2007. Our team has pulled out 30 LEED AP ND sample questions (with explanations later) so that you will understand how the exam questions are formatted, the level of detail for your studies, and that this is an exam you can pass and advance your career. Our questions are pulled from the Knowledge Domains (i.e. LEED Process, Sustainable Sites, Energy & Atmosphere, etc.) and simulate the real LEED exam and include Recall, Application, and Analysis samples.


How to Use These 30 Sample Questions

Take the 30 question sample exam we have emailed you (after entering your email above). Maybe you are just getting into your studies or you are taking the exam in a couple weeks. Either way, see where you are at. We have included not only the correct answers later in this document, but explanations for why that answer. Our practice exams are tricky, like the real exam. You have to train yourself to select the “best” answers – which, yes, is frustrating. But, all things considered, when you are in a question, what is the greenest answer and overall makes the most/best sense?

How did you do?

Now that you’ve taken the sample exam, what have you learned?

You might have learned that you already know a lot.

You should have learned that the credential is within reach.

We hope you’ve learned that GBES can help.

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Relax and enjoy the next step in your career –– a LEED AP ND credential.

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